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Information about Muntjacs as Pets

We do not keep our muntjacs as house pets. We keep them in the house while they are first on bottles, and depending on the weather, we move them outside by 4 weeks old if they are not sold by then. Most of our muntjac fawns leave our farm between 2-3 weeks of age, as soon as the paperwork is done for them to go to another state.

Muntjacs can breed year round. Because we live in MN, we keep our muntjacs separated from the time the does have their fawns in the summer, until October when it is okay for them to be bred again. We would get more fawns if we let them breed year round, but we dont want to risk having them born in a snow bank in January/February and not surviving.

Some FACTS about muntjacs. Muntjacs are NOT kitties or puppies... they are deer.... and being deer, they do not like their feet off the ground. Most muntjacs do not enjoy being held or carried around. Some will tolerate it better than others. By adults most muntjacs I know WILL NOT tolerate being held or carried.

This does not mean they are bad pets. They are nice pets, if you treat them like deer. They enjoy attention, they love treats - like apples and watermelon, and their favorite thing in the world is to be scratched in just the right spot on their neck. They will want you to do this for as long as you are able.

Their second favorite thing to do is to RUN....Obviously, if you try to keep a muntjac in the house, they are going to miss out on one of their favorite things.... because unless your house if fully carpeted... your muntjac will not be able to run at all, or even walk, if you have slippery wood floors. Their hooves are tiny, and in the house they need carpet to get around safely.

Muntjacs are NOT as easy to potty train as the internet will have you believe. They do NOT potty train in one day, like a kitty, and they do NOT smell like newborn babies... (I honestly have no idea where that came from).... someone trying to sell muntjacs - I guess. I HAVE sold muntjacs to people that successfully potty trained them and keep them indoors, so I am not saying it can't be done. I am just saying, don't expect it to be super easy and take no effort on your part.
Please be aware that some scam artists on the internet have copy/pasted some of our photos and information and are trying to sell these animals as their own. I am adding text to all muntjac pictures to prevent this, which I hate to do.... since it makes the pictures less enjoyable to look at. I really don't want my photos being used by someone who is just out to steal money from innocent people. If necessary I will add text or watermarks to every photo on this site.. but for now, the muntjac pics are my main concern.

We DO ship muntjacs thru the airline if we absolutely MUST. We prefer to have them picked up whenever possible though.  
Delta flights leave right from Brainerd MN and are booked using DASH services.  Cost for Flight/Crate/ Health Certificates
is approx. $375.00 - $400
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I have put together a list of all the Board of Animal Health agencies in every state and you can see it HERE. 
If you are a buyer from out of state (we live in Minnesota) You MUST call your Board of Animal Health (or whatever agency regulates deer in your state) and find out the import rules and fencing regulations etc.. before you can purchase from us. ALL states are different and ALL states have their own specific rules regarding cervidae so you MUST find these out FIRST.
Information about buying a Muntjac if you do not live in Minnesota

If you are considering the purchase of a muntjac fawn or any other deer, the first thing you need to do is to call your State Board of Animal Health. Every state has different rules and regulations for the owning of deer and different requirements for moving them into the state.

Current prices for Muntjac fawns are as follows;

Doe Fawns $1,000
Buck Fawns $1,000
These prices do not include any veterinarian fees to get them into your state or any additional testing required by your state.  Vet fees generally are less than $200

We are CWD monitored since August 2002 and TB accredited.

To get on our waiting list, a deposit of $500 plus the information below is needed. If you were on a previous waiting list with us, have turned down a fawn and/or have not paid a deposit, you are no longer on our list. If I start a list, no one will be added to it without their deposit paid and the following information included:

Your Name:
Your Full Address with State:
Your Email address:
Your Phone Numbers:
What you are looking for:

Interested buyers should be sure to call their state Board of Animal Health to make sure that MN Deer will be accepted by your state. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your deposit if you are unable to move the deer to your state once it is ready. This is the buyers responsibility to check (and double check!) to make sure that MN Deer will be allowed into your state. Deposits will not be refunded if you can not move a fawn into your state because you did not check the rules beforehand. If there are circumstances that require you to turn down the fawn you have been waiting for, the sale will be voided immediately, you will be moved to the bottom of the current waiting list (if you still desire to be on it) the fawn will be sold elsewhere as quickly as possible, and the deposit will not be returned (but can be saved for a fawn at a later date).

In 2015 we did ship 2 muntjac fawns using Delta Cargo flying out of the Brainerd MN airport.   If you live within driving distance it is probably always a better idea to pick up your new pet in person if possible but shipping may be an option depending on where you live.
We bottle feed all muntjac fawns that are born here. If you have a paid deposit and you are on our waiting list, I will call or email you when a fawn is available. You have 48 hours to let me know if you want it or not. If you do not want the fawn that is available, then it will be offered to the next person waiting. If you do want the fawn, then you have 3 weeks to come and pick it up. If you do not pick it up in that time frame, you risk losing your deposit. If we can not get the necessary paperwork done in time for your fawn to leave that quickly, you are expected to come as soon as the necessary testing and paperwork are completed. For most states, I can get papers done in less than 2 weeks.
If you have any other questions about Muntjacs please call or email us.
Our 2017 Muntjac Fawns are ALL SOLD. We HAVE TAKEN all the deposits that we are taking for 2017.
I do not keep a waiting list of potential future buyers for Muntjac Fawns. The ONLY way to get on our waiting list for Muntjac fawns is to pay the required deposit. 

Prices for muntjac fawns are as follows: 
Buck & Doe fawns are $1000 each plus vet fees  

Deposit reguired to reserve a fawn is $500
Additional fees may be charged if additional testing is required to enter your state. Generally the vet fees are under $200 for most states.
If your fawn requires a TB test there is a base fee of $100 for the 6  hours away from work/and 3 vet trips required, plus the actual vet costs incurred. 

If , for any reason, the fawns do not live thru delivery or are not viable at delivery, the deposits will be refunded at that time. We actually do not pre-sell the last fawn expected for this reason.  For NO OTHER REASON will a deposit be refunded.... not if you change your mind or if you didn't bother to check with your state for the import requirements. This is the BUYERS responsibility to do so BEFORE they send us deposits. All of the numbers for every state are listed on this website.

If interested in future fawns, please contact me by email
or at 218-839-4503
CLICK HERE for some FAQ's about Muntjacs
(Frequently Asked Questions)
We did ship 2 muntjacs to TN in the summer of 2015. The trips went pretty well, the deer arrived in good shape, and willing to take bottles from their new owners etc.. so not too stressed out! Air shipping is ALWAYS a risk, and I do PREFER you pick up your pet in person if you can, but it is nice to have options.
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