We do take reservations for kids!!

I do not sell my myotonic goats for meat. There are other breeders out there that do, so you should be able to find one. I sell my goats as pets and breeders only. To get on our waiting list, please contact us by phone or email.
I do reserve the right to cancel or refuse a sale if I feel it is in the best interest of my animals (or myself) to do so.  If a deposit has been paid, and I cancel the sale, I will return the full amount paid to me by the potential buyer. I generally do not accept deposits unless I am confident that the buyer is a good choice as a home for the animal in question, so this is not something that happens often.  

As stated above, we do require a 50% deposit to hold kids.  Anyone wanting a neutered male or a disbudded kid needs to pay in full before the deed is done, so send full payment instead of 1/2 if you want a dehorned and/or neutered kid. This deposit needs to be received within one week, or the kid is offered to the next person on our waiting list. I offer the kids on a first come - first serve basis.. if you are first on the list, you get first choice, if you are not interested in the kid I have for sale, his/her pictures will be sent to the next person etc... If I have not heard back from you within 48 hours, (by phone or email) I will forward the pictures to the next person on my list.

This system has worked well for me for the last couple of years. I do my best to get the pictures sent to you as quickly as possible, usually the day the kids are born or the following day.

All goats for sale are horned with brown eyes unless described otherwise.  I will disbud your new goat at your request.  There is a $25 fee per goat for disbudding.  This needs to be done at a very young age and I can NOT guarantee complete success.  Some kids seem to disbud fine, only to grow horn scurs several months later.  I personally like goats with horns so many of our goats will be sold with horns if they are not sold by 2 weeks of age.  If you want your kid disbudded FULL payment is required before it is done, so send full amount instead of 1/2 down when mailing deposit.  Our fainter kids are held daily and are very friendly.  We have never had a problem with horned goats hurting us or our children.  Fainting Goats are also very non-aggressive goats, one of their many wonderful traits!
I do register ALL breeding quality buck and doe kids at MGR before they leave our farm.  I also send you all the necessary paperwork if you want to register your kids at IFGA as well.  I do not register wethered kids, since the main reason for registering is to keep track of bloodlines for breeding purposes.  IF you want your wether registered, I will send in the papers and pictures for you if you pay the registration fee. (which is $8.00 at MGR)
I do not register pet quality doe kids and I do not give out registration papers for them either.  
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Prices generally start at:

Doe kids $300-350
Buck kids $250+
Wethers $150+
Adult Does $350+
Adult Bucks $350+

Blue Eyes and in-demand colors will be higher than others
I will not sell a single goat to anyone that does not already own at least one goat.  As these pictures clearly show, goats are a "herd animal" and they really do need one of their own kind to live with...  I also do not agree with buying fainters to live with other breeds of goats.  Pygmy goats and other breeds will faint the fainters and then ram them while they are down... sometimes repeatedly.... I really do not feel it is fair to keep fainters with other goats that do not faint.  Fainters are a very non-agressive breed and are best kept together. 
Wethers (neutered males) make wonderful companions for Does or Bucks and cost much less.   Many new goat buyers want to buy one doe kid and one buck kid, so they can breed in the future.  This is NOT what I encourage.... the reason I don't encourage this is because bucks and does have to live separately, so you are basically buying two single lonely goats if you purchase your goats this way.
I encourage people to buy 2 does their first year and the following year, if they are interested in breeding, they should buy a buck and a wether for his pen mate.  This way all of their goats have a companion and the does will be ready for breeding the same year the buck is ready.  Most bucks can breed at 5-6 months old, but does should NOT be bred at this age, so that is another reason not to buy buck and doe kids the same year for breeding together.

If you are coming to our farm to pick up a pet that you have purchased or if you are coming just to see the animals before you purchase... PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG with you. Our deer have never seen a dog before (since we do not own one) and even a very small, well behaved dog can scare a deer into a fence if they do not know what it is. So, PLEASE keep this in mind anytime you are going to someone else's farm. (even animals that are used to the dog that lives with them, may not be comfortable with your dog there). Animals are fragile and even a dog from outside a fence can cause a very bad accident.
Legend - 2 broken legs - July 2011
Please read
all the way to the bottom of this page.

Please read
all the way to the bottom of this page.

Legend passed away on August 10, 2011 due to complications from his broken legs.. he developed a massive infection in his hind leg that was un-treatable and amputation of this leg was not a viable option since his front leg was also broken and not healing well. Legend was loved by us all and he will be greatly missed.
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For your convenience, deposits for animals can also be made to us thru PayPal.
Deposits thru the mail need to arrive within 7 days or the animal is offered to the next buyer... using PayPal to send your deposit will get it to us immediately and we can mark your pet as SOLD. Balance on all animals must be made in cash when the animals are picked up. No personal checks are allowed the day the animals leave our farm. Please do not send deposits for any animals unless we have already spoken thru phone or email and you are positive that the animal in question is still available.
Polled Kids and Disbudded Kids are $25 higher in price than horned kids.
I do not use a printable purchase agreement that you must print, sign and return with your deposit... Frankly, I have been selling animals since 2002 and I have never seen the reason for one. EVERYTHING you need to know about buying animals from us and the deposits required are listed on this page if you are buying goats or on the other pages if you are buying deer. If you have ANY questions you can call or email me anytime. Deposits are required to hold ANY animal, but DO NOT send a deposit unless we have spoken thru phone or email and you are positive the animal is still available.

Deposits must be received within 7 days of your commitment to purchase, or the animal will be sold to someone else. This is non-negotiable. All Deposits paid are Non-Refundable unless the animal dies on our property or becomes ill and I am not able to sell it to you. Please do NOT pay the Deposit unless you are 100% sure that you want the animal. Once the deposit is paid, the animal is removed from sale and is yours to pick up when it is ready to leave its mother. If you change your mind about your purchase , your deposit will not be refunded. The only way deposits are refunded are if I cancel the sale for any reason.

Reguired deposits are 50% of total purchase price or FULL payment if you want your pet neutered or dehorned. We will not neuter or dehorn any animal without full payment received.

When you are coming to our farm to pick up your new pet, you MUST bring adequate transportation! All animals need to have a cage/kennel that is big enough for them to fit into comfortably and they need to be able to travel out of the weather. An enclosed vehicle with a dog carrier in it is usually your best bet. I WILL refuse to release any animal, regardless of whether or not they are paid for, if I feel they will be un-safe in any way. You will have the option of returning with safer transportation at a later date. (there WILL be charges incurred if I have to hold the animal for any amount of extra time.) If you are un-sure about the best way to transport your new pet, call or email me BEFORE you come so we can discuss it.
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